Garden Hose Sprayer by RY Professional Gardening Equipment


I was asked to review this garden hose sprayer by RY Professional Gardening Equipment.

I intentionally waited a couple of weeks to write this review because I wanted to see how this nozzle would work with my delicate spinach seedlings. I am so happy I used this nozzle to water them.
The RAAYA Garden Hose Nozzle is definitely a high quality, professional grade tool. It fits well in my hand and is comfortable to hold.  20160918_133428

I like the quick disconnect feature. It comes with an extra fitting so I can use it on more than one hose. The hose side of the quick disconnect is made of plastic, but I think it will hold up pretty good. There are extra washers and o rings which is great because those are the most frequently replaced parts. I had no problem with leaks anywhere while using the RAAYA Garden Hose Nozzle.

The nozzle goes from a pinpoint stream to a light, wide shower. I planted some fall spinach in my garden and have been very happy with the gentle spray on the little seedlings.
I love the color. It is easy to spot this bright blue tool. It stands out even if it falls among the foliage of my other plants.
I am confident that this will be a garden hose nozzle that won’t need to be replaced for a very long time. It comes with a one year “No questions asked” warranty with easy on line registration.

You can get one of these professional grade tools at

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