Are Essential Oils Right for You?

I love my essential oils. I purchased my first kit 2 years ago. It revolutionized my life in so many ways! It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made! For many people, including myself, there was hesitation to try them. I knew there was a difference in essential oils and fragrances, but that’s about it. I did some research and went to an introduction class and asked a ton questions. At that first class, I didn’t purchase because I wanted to do more research. After a few more weeks of research and really looking at my health and my home cleaning products I decided that essential oils are a much healthier alternative to the things I was using.

From all my work with people and connecting them to the essential oils and other natural products, these are the main signs I’ve seen when people are truly ready to try essential oils:  Image result for no to processed foods images

  1. You’re paying closer attention to what goes in your body: Maybe for you, it is eating less processed foods or even just drinking more water. Whatever the case, when you choose doTERRA essential oils and natural products that contain them, you can be sure what you’re putting in your body is pure, potent, and powerful. There are no federal regulations of what goes into essential oils. Because of that, doTERRA took it upon themselves to up their own standards. The Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) standard helps us be sure of what we are putting in our bodies. You can learn more about the CPTG process here
  2. You have kids: Come on, kids are gross. From being around other kids that are gross too, to putting random things in their mouth, and WAY more leads them to feel under the weather often. I know when I was little I struggled with not feeling well a ton–I wish I had the oils! Essential oils help your kiddos (and you!) stay well in the midst of all the junk and crud floating around their tiny bodies
  3. There has been an overhaul of your household products: Have you looked at your labels on your cleaning products recently? It’s incredible the amount of (100% legal) toxic junk in there. We absorb the toxins we use to clean, leading to a myriad of health issues. My favorite is those wipes people use to clean germs from kitchen surfaces and then use those surfaces to prepare the food they eat. They are ingesting those chemical through both their skin and their digestive tract. No wonder our bodies have a hard time fighting bugs. Luckily, essential oils are a perfect and cheaper alternative to what you can buy. doTERRA also has great cleaning products on the OnGuard line if you don’t want to make your own. I have a ton of recipes if you need inspiration!  Image result for On Guard images
  4. There are health goals you’re trying to reach: This is often why people first sign up! The goal could be to achieve a healthy weight, get more restful sleep, maintain healthy eating, support their exercise routine, and I could go on and on. I love to help people figure out what their goals are they want to reach and then the oils and products that can support them reaching those goals.
  5. You’re looking for different ways to manage your mood: It’s a crazy world out there, and if you mix in the stressors of life, it can be difficult to keep your head above water sometimes. Maybe you have tried different things that didn’t quite getting the results you would like. Or maybe you just need a little extra boost to your mood. Either way, essential oils are a powerful tool to keep by your side to support your mood. doTERRA even has two different lines to help your manage your emotional concerns! You can read more about how oils can help you make over your mood here.  Image result for Serenity doTERRA images
  6. You’re wondering if they will have the same benefits for you as they did your friend and family: If you have social media of any kind, I know you have seen stories that have caught your eye about your friend’s stories about how they used the oils. Have you been curious to see if they actually work that well? Could you get the same sort of results? The short answer is YES, but you won’t every truly know unless you try.
  7. Nothing else has worked and you are desperate: This is where I was when I started. I was so sick of feeling the way I was and that nothing was working. I was truly miserable and desperate when I was invited to my first essential oil class. Like I mentioned before, it was one of the best decisions I ever made to buy doTERRA essential oils.  Image result for Desperate doTERRA images

Do you fit into one or more of these categories? That’s awesome! I would encourage you to go here to my Essential Oils page to learn even more about the oils. Doing your own homework is a great way to empower yourself! There was a ton of research and questions answered before I signed up.

If you are ready to chat more about essential oils, contact me! I would love to chat more and get you hooked up. My website is:

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