Random Acts Of Kindness

I had a few extra minutes on the computer so I went to one of my favorite sites for ideas and inspirations – Pinterest. I searched for Random Acts of Kindness and I found a whole bunch of ideas. One was a link to a blog where the author for her birthday decided to do 35 random acts of kindness and blog about them. (she was turning 35 years old)  It took her all day and she had kids to help deliver some of the things. My birthday is coming up next week and I love this idea, but I would have do a LOT more acts of kindness to make my age  and I’m still working full time. So I decided I would put this post out on FaceBook.

“My birthday is Tues Apr 25th. This year instead of calls, texts, & FB messages, please  DO SOMETHING TO PAY IT FORWARD & then send me a pic/msg telling me about it. My birthday wish is to hear how you helped to change someone’s life. Oh, and rest assured, I’m doing this too.”

Here are just a few ideas if you need some inspiration.

§  Buy a movie ticket for the person behind you in line

§  Send a card to someone in the military overseas

§  Put something you no longer need on Craigslist.org for free

§  Tape a bag of microwaveable popcorn to a RedBox machine with a note saying “Enjoy some popcorn with your movie!”

§  Drop off a toy or game at a children’s hospital

§  Buy a lottery ticket and give it to a stranger

§  Buy an extra umbrella and on a rainy day give it to someone who needs it

§  Anonymously mail cash to someone you know who is having a hard time financially

§  Give a random stranger a compliment

§  Buy two of something you love and give one away

§  At a restaurant, pay for someone’s meal anonymously

§  Offer to help an elderly neighbor with their household chores

§  Buy a meal for a homeless person

§  Pay the toll for the person behind you

§  Leave a container of laundry detergent at a Laundromat with a note saying, “Feel free to use!”

§  Bring a treat to work to share with your coworkers

§  Pay for the person’s coffee who is behind you in line

§  Write someone a note to tell them how much you appreciate them

§  Buy a bouquet of flowers and start handing them out one by one

§  Run an errand for an elderly neighbor

§  Buy a car wash ticket and leave it on someone’s windshield with a note saying, “Enjoy a car wash on me. Happy driving!”

§  Volunteer at a food bank

§  Pay for the next car’s meal at the drive-thru

§  Donate blood

§  Pass along a great book you’ve just finished reading

§  Spend some time on Free RiceFor each answer that you get correct, the website donates 10 grains of rice through the World Food Program to help end hunger. Plus, it’s free to play!

What other Random Acts of Kindness ideas have you heard of or done yourself? Please share in the comments section below!

Kindness, like a boomerang, always returns.  – Author Unknown

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