Autumn is a Beautiful Time of the Year




I am so grateful to be able to walk around and take in the changing foliage around my house. My walks are more frequent to help the healing process of my back. The trees are starting to turn into varying shades of red, yellow and brown. Today was especially pretty because it is a cloudy, breezy fall day.

I started this post a month ago. Since then, a lot has happened.

20141027_154607As I was walking around my yard, my wonderful, very protective, and easily distracted dog seen something in front of me to chase. (She’s 65 pounds of Australian Cattle dog and German Shorthair mix.)  As her natural instinct kicked in, she took off at top speed. She caught me in the back of the legs and flipped me head over heals. And of course I was home alone and it was starting to sprinkle. I couldn’t get up. I had my phone in my pocket so I called my hubby. He told me to call my neighbor to help get me up until he got there. When I called, I found out she was in California visiting her daughter. So she made some phone calls and got a couple of people over to help me up and get in the vehicle. By that time, hubby had made it home and it was off to the emergency room we went. X-rays of my foot and back showed it didn’t hurt my back, (it was well padded) but I broke 4 bones in my foot. The way they splinted it caused a lot of pain. Back on pain pills every 4 hours that didn’t help. I was miserable. Two days later, I saw the orthopedic doctor and had an MRI. I am lucky that no tendons or ligaments were torn so I didn’t have to have surgery to fuse all the bones together.


Instead my foot has been in a boot and they are letting it heal naturally. It was because of this I found out I have absolutely no core strength and I’m very uncoordinated on crutches. I have a little scooter that I zip around on. It’s quite fun, but doesn’t turn on a dime. Some places I have to make 6 point turns. LOL.


I have another appointment with the orthopedic doctor next week. Hopefully I will be out of the boot and doing physical therapy.

I promise my next post will be sooner rather than later. After all, the holidays are coming up and I have lots of fun ideas and crafts using doTERRA essential oils.


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