Helpless Hitchhiker

I do a lot of reviews of products through a company called Tomoson. They match up companies with individuals willing to test and evaluate their products. Most of the items come straight from Amazon.


I recently received a seat cushion to evaluate. It was shipped from Amazon in Las Vegas. When I opened the box, there was a worm/grub type bug on the cushion. The cushion was wrapped in plastic. It was alive and moving.



I contacted the company and Amazon. They immediately sent me a return label for the cushion and an apology.

I have worked with this company previously and have had no problems with any of their products. I have to say that this is not something the company is responsible for. This helpless hitchhiker came from Amazon and it was taking advantage of a nice cushy cushion.  I am a firm believer that when you are honest and you communicate with companies, you will be able to solve any problems you have including a helpless hitchhiker.

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